Six Flags Crew Incentive Program FAQs

 Six Flags Crew Incentive Program FAQs

Access / Registration

1.     What devices can be used to access and register?

·       The Crew Incentive Platform can be accessed via a website browser on either a desktop or laptop, tablet or mobile device at


2.     How do I set up/register my account?

·       Self-Registration on Your registration will need to be approved by your Manager via an email notification sent to them. Once they approve, you will have access to the platform.

·       Registration can also be performed by your Manager with an email notification being sent to you to complete your registration and user profile.


3.     Who is eligible to participate?

·       All active Six Flags F&B Crew Members at the 19 participating parks:

o Six Flags America

o Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

o Six Flags Fiesta Texas

o Six Flags Frontier City

o Six Flags Great Adventure

o Six Flags Great America

o Six Flags Magic Mountain

o Six Flags New England

o Six Flags Over Georgia

o Six Flags Over Texas

o Six Flags St. Louis

o The Great Escape

o Hurricane Harbor Arlington

o Hurricane Harbor Concord

o Hurricane Harbor OKC

o Hurricane Harbor Splashtown

o Hurricane Harbor Phoenix

o Hurricane Harbor Rockford

o Six Flags White Water


4.     How can I make changes to my profile?

·       Go to

·       You can update your name, phone number, notifications settings, email, and password.


5.     How do I change my account password?

·       Go to

·       Type your current password and your new password.


Crew Incentive Program

1.     What is the incentive program timeframe?

a.     From Monday, April 29, 2024, to November 3, 2024, according to park calendar opening/closing dates.


2.     How do I earn points?

a.     Registration

                                               i.     One time award of 3,000 points, awarded after first-time registration.

b.     Check-In

                                               i.     Log in weekly between Monday-Sunday and view the Leaderboard to receive 500 points.

c.      Star Performance

                                               i.     One time award of 3,000 points, awarded to two (2) Crew Members per month, per park.

                                              ii.     This award is given based on observation of strong performance including demonstration of positive attitude, friendly customer service and communication of upgrade options to Park customers.

                                             iii.     A Crew Member can only receive this award once during the full campaign.

d.     Sales Campaigns

                                               i.     Weekly award of 2,000 points for all Crew Members of the Top 3 parks.

                                              ii.     Weekly Sales Competition where parks must reach or exceed their sales to target goals. Each week, the Top 3 parks will receive points.

                                             iii.     The Leaderboard will display each park’s actual sales to target percentages.

                                             iv.     The product focus of the sales campaigns can change monthly and will be communicated via display posters and system communications. It is always encouraged to check with your Manager for the latest information.


Rewards / Redemption

1.     What are the available reward options?

a.     Currently offers are e-gift cards for different partners.

b.     Based on availability and subject to change.


2.     How do I redeem a reward?

a.     Go to

b.     Check how many points you have available.

c.      Click on Redeem to select the reward you want, based on the points available.

d.     You will receive an email with a PIN Number to redeem your reward. Follow the directions in the email.



Messages / Notifications

1.     What is the Messages Inbox?

a.     It’s a one-way communication notifying Crew Members of points earned during each campaign and providing other program-related updates.


Customer Service

1.     How do I report an issue?

a.     Send an email to